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Home Licence

(Standard Licence with 25% Discount)

v1.5 January 2022 Copyright (c) 2001-2022 Graphity!  Supercedes all previous versions.


The 25%-discounted Home Licence is primarily intended for parents or students for their individual use for personal, non-commercial purposes on a more limited number of home-based computers/devices (2) than for our Standard Licence (10). It is not intended for teachers, tutors and other educational professionals preparing teaching materials at home. The main reason that we don't offer any discount for educational professionals who are currently employed as such is that other significant cost-saving options are already available for them ie  (a) they should be  able to claim the fonts as a work-related expense in their Income Tax Return (whereas parents and students usually can't) and (b) we offer Site Licences available for purchase by whole organizations which makes the fonts available to everyone in the organization at no personal expense to individuals. Please note also that the Home Licence is not available when purchasing fonts from multiple States and specifically not for the Complete Australasian School Fonts Bundle.

The Home Licence is based on the Single-User Standard Licence EXCEPT that the total number of computers/devices on which the fonts may be installed at any one time is limited to 2 instead of 10. With the Single-User Standard Licence the upper limit that we place on the number of computers is 10 because these days each person tends to have a lot of devices (desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone etc) but in order to qualify for the Home Licence discount the user is required to limit the number of computers/devices on which the font/s are installed to a maximum of 2.

If you believe you qualify for a Home Licence, simply email us at enquiries@australianschoolfonts.com.au to get your once-off personal discount code. After you have finished shopping, just paste the code into the "Redeem discount/voucher" box in your Cart and click the "Update Cart" button. The  code may be used for any number and combination of items including Packs (except for the Complete Australasian School Fonts Bundle) and hardcopy backup disc/drive - but all items must be purchased in the same order. The code expires after one use OR in 7 days – whichever occurs first.

If you apply for a code during business hours you can expect to receive it by email within a couple of hours at the most. Applications received outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 10am–7pm) will be responded to the next day. Unfortunately the Home Licence Discount cannot be applied retrospectively to an order which has already been completed so if, after applying for a discount, you make a purchase before receiving our response we will consider your request for a discount code to be cancelled.

As with all our licences the Home Licence fonts are supplied by download only and does not include the supply of an official hardcopy backup (USB or DVD) which may be purchased at additional cost (see Price List)



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