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Buying from outside Australia?  Exempt from 10% Australian Goods & Services Tax – GST. Email us and we'll invoice you direct without GST.

Need a Site Licence?  Multi-Users – more info here.   Price List.  Use the appropriate Multi-User option in the "Choose Licence" menu above.

Need a Web Licence?  Need to embedding our fonts in your Website? – more info here.   Price List.

Need a Publishing Licence?  Using the fonts in Apps, Books, Games, Manufactured items etc – more info here.   Price List.

Need a Home Licence?  1 User, max 2 computers, personal use. Email us for a 25% Home Discount code for use with Packs/Individual fonts.
                                          Note: This offer excludes the Complete Australasian School Fonts Bundle. This offer is not available to teachers and
                                          other education professionals. More information here.   Price List.