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Publishing Licence

v1.5 January 2022 Copyright (c) 2001-2022 Graphity!  Supercedes all previous versions.


The use of our fonts in publications (both physical and digital), applications (including apps), manufactured items etc for commercial sale whether direct or by subscription/membership requires a Publishing Licence – see Clause (j) USES AND MODIFICATIONS NOT REGARDED AS BEING FOR THE BUYER’S OWN USE in our Standard Licence Agreement. Some non-commercial uses may also require a Publishing Licence.

There are two main purposes for the Publishing Licence and the fee which is charged in addition to the cost of our Standard Licence

Firstly, when the fonts are to be incorporated as a significant, identifiable and value-adding part of a publication or manufactured item for sale the Publishing Licence fee ensures than a fair and appropriate share of the commercial gain is distributed to the creator/owner of the fonts. Most non-commercial use as well as Incidental and/or low-level usage of our fonts generally (but not always) doesn't require a Publishing Licence or fee.

Secondly, to the degree that the availability of the your published or manufactured items (whether for sale or not) may result in a reduced demand from other potential purchasers of our fonts, while difficult to quantify, the Publishing Licence requirement and fee is a way to compensate us for this potential loss of direct font sales.

We do not have a fixed one-size-fits-all Publishing Licence fee. The fee for the Publishing Licence is always tailored to the particular circumstances of each user, carefully taking into account the nature, extent and purpose of your intended use of our fonts in your publication/s as well as the approximate average selling price of your published items. And, of course, we need to know exactly which of our fonts or Packs you are interested in. We attempt to be as circumspect and as fair as possible when calculating the fee and in some special cases we elect not to impose any fee at all so please supply us with as much information as possible.

We always greatly appreciate the inclusion of information about the ownership and source of the fonts (including a link to our website) in your publications, apps etc. This is optional, but in cases where the fee is discounted or waived, an acknowledgement of the source of the fonts will usually become a strict condition of the licence.

You will never be required to separately purchase both a Web Licence and Publishing Licence. If you are not embedding fonts in web pages then you only need a Publishing Licence. If you are embedding fonts in web pages then the Web Licence will cover both the font embedding and also your use of the fonts in your published items both on the web and via all other forms of distribution.


The major special features of the Australian School Fonts Publishing Licence are as follows:

 1. The Publishing Licence allows the for the unrestricted incorporation of any or all of the Intellectual Property in the fonts as a part of another commercial product to be sold eg book, pdf publication, computer application, app, manufactured item  etc. Note: The Publishing Licence excludes embedding of the fonts in websites – this requires a separate Web Licence (and the supply of the fonts in special web formats). The Publishing Licence also excludes the right to sell, distribute, gift or otherwise disseminate the actual font files or the font's digital data such that access is provided to users who are not covered by the Publishing LIcence (except as specified in Clause 2 below; see also Clause 9 below).

  2. The Publishing Licence permits the use of the font/s exclusively by and/or on behalf of the licencee. If required, the font/s may be temporarily provided to external suppliers (pre-press house, typesetters, printers etc) who are involved in the production of your published items specifically for the purposes of producing those items. Fonts which are temporarily provided to external suppliers must be destroyed by the external supplier immediately after use.

  3. The Publishing Licence fee is usually a ONCE-ONLY charge. No additional fees will ever be charged in the future unless the nature and scale of the use of the fonts including the proposed approximate price structure changes substantially from that described to us when applying for this Publishing Licence.

  4. The Publishing Licence fee does not includes the supply of the fonts and manuals which must be purchased separately with a Standard Licence. Nor does the Publishing Licence include the supply of an official hard-copy backup (USB or DVD) which may be purchased at additional cost (see Price List)

  5. The Publishing Licence includes an ongoing entitlement to free updates and upgrades to the fonts and manual as and when they become available. If and when required, fonts will be updated to take account of changes to computer operating systems. This especially applies to iOS, Android and Windows RT used in iPads, tablets, smart phones etc whose operating systems are evolving at a very fast rate compared to desktop computers.

  6. The Publishing Licence includes free technical support (phone and email).

  7. The font files are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Unix.

  8. The fonts can be customised by us to suit your special requirements. The costs for this customisation are additional to the basic Publishing Licence cost – quotations will be provided on application.

  9. (a) With digital publications generally, the font/s are licenced for use ONLY WITHIN the publication itself (document eg pdf, application, app etc) and are strictly NOT permitted to be made available for installation via the publication onto the device/computer of the recipient of the publication for the general, permanent use by that recipient. To ensure this for pdfs, our fonts should be embedded as "Subset" only and the generated pdfs should be locked/password protected.

      (b) In particular, regarding interactive (so-called "editable") digital documents as well as applications and apps, these usually have unlimited custom user input and output. Our policy regarding the embedding of our fonts in such documents, applications and apps is that if this inclusion effectively results in a level of function and amenity for the user  of the document, application or app that is comparable to what they could achieve by having the actual fonts installed on their device (ie unlimited customer input, unrestricted customer output eg save, print, create PDFs etc) then we would generally NOT be able to grant a Publishing Licence for such a use as this would be functionally equivalent to a redistribution of the fonts themselves to third-party/s (ie your customers) who are not directly licenced by us.

10. In addition to the above special Clauses 1-9, the conditions of our Standard Licence Agreement apply in full.



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