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Site (Multi-User) Licence

v3.2 January 2022 Copyright (c) 2001-2022 Graphity!  Supercedes all previous versions.


The Site Licence is an alternative to the Standard Licence (1-Person/10 Computer max.) for when you need more than one person to have access to the fonts and/or when you need to install the fonts on more than 10 computers. Generally all the conditions of our Standard Licence Agreement (including the "major special features") apply where appropriate to the Site Licence but with the additional "major special features" listed below.

The cost of a Site (Multi-User) Licence is based on the estimated maximum number of computers onto which you would like to install the fonts rather than the total number of actual persons with access to those computers. The number of permitted persons is not stipulated nor limited except that every permitted user must be in the direct employ, service or control of the Licencee and be using the fonts exclusively for the Licencee's purposes. If you use a network, the licence cost is based on the the maximum number of computers/devices which will have access to the fonts via the network.

Generally, Site (Multi User) Licences are purchased in the name of – and for the use of – an organisation (school, business etc) rather than an individual. However an individual may purchase a Site Licence in order to allow them to install the fonts (for their personal use only) on more than the 10 computer/device maximum permitted with the Standard Licence.

Site (Multi-User) Licences can be purchased online. Click the "Choose Licence" button next to the item/s on our Shop page and then from the "Licence" menu choose the licence for the number of computers/devices onto which you want to install the fonts eg "1-25 Computers/Devices (Multi User)". If you choose a Site (Multi-User) Licence for installation on 201+ computers/devices, you must enter the exact number of computers/devices in the "Number of computers" box otherwise just leave the number "1" in this box (the total licence cost will be calculated in the Cart). Click the "Add to Cart" button. Then, when you've finished shopping, Click the "Cart & Checkout" button to see your Cart. The correct licence/s and cost/s should be displayed in your Cart. If you need to, you can change or delete your licence choice/s in the Cart and then click the "Update Cart" button to get the new correct pricing. Click the "Checkout" button to begin the payment process.


The major special features of the Australian School Fonts Multi-User Site Licence are as follows:


  1. This Site Licence fee is a once-only charge. No fee will ever be charged in the future provided the number of computers/devices does not significantly exceed the original estimate. Should the number of computers/devices expand significantly (greater than a 10% increase on the original estimate), all you need to do is advise us and a pro-rata additional onetime fee will apply. Please note that there are no refunds for decreased computer/device numbers over time.

  2. The Site Licence fee includes the supply of the fonts and manuals. The Site Licence fee does not include the supply of an official hardcopy backup (USB or DVD) which may be purchased at additional cost (see Price List).

   3. The Site Licence permits installation of the fonts only on computers which are predominantly used at and/or for the organization which purchased the Site Licence. The number of users is not limited but all users must be associated directly with the licencee organization.The purpose for which the fonts are used must be associated directly with the licencee organization.

   4. The Site Licence is strictly non-commercial i.e. the items produced using the fonts (e.g. book, pdf publication, computer application, app etc) may not be sold neither by direct sale nor by any form of subscription/membership. If would like to sell the produced items commercially you will need a separate Publishing Licence – cost available from us on application.

   5. The Site Licence does not extend to the use of the fonts for embedding in a website. If would like to embed the fonts in a website you will need a separate Web Licence which also includes supply of the fonts in all the required web formats – cost available from us on application.

   6. The Site Licence excludes the right to sell, distribute, gift, embed or otherwise disseminate the files (fonts and manuals) in any way which results in access being provided to users who are not covered by the Site Licence.        

   7. The fonts may be installed either on individual computers/devices or on a network server, or both. If installed on a network the total number of computers with access to the network may not exceed the maximum number of computers permitted by the Site Licence.

   8. The Site Licence includes an ongoing entitlement to free updates and upgrades to the fonts and manual as and when they become available. If and when required, fonts will be updated to take account of changes to computer operating systems. This especially applies to iOS, Android and Windows RT used in iPads, tablets, smart phones etc whose operating systems are evolving at a very fast rate compared to desktop computers.

   9. The Site Licence includes free technical support (phone and email).

 10. The font files are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Unix.

 11. The fonts can be professionally customised by us to suit your special requirements. The costs for this customisation are additional to the basic Site Licence cost – quotations will be provided on application.

 12. In addition to the above special Clauses, the conditions of our Standard Licence Agreement (including the "major special features") apply in full where appropriate with the exception that the maximum number of Workstations is changed from "10" in the Standard Licence to the number stipulated in your official Site Licence invoice/receipt.



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