Current Education Department Handwriting Syllabuses:

Click on the links below to download the most recent official Education Department handwriting syllabus materials for your region. These downloads are free. If you find that any of these links no longer work please let us know. The copyright in these resources is with the original creators and publishers.

  • New South Wales
    2711 kB

    Extract from "Writing K-12" NSW Department of Education. "Chapter VI – Handwriting: Teaching the Foundation Approach". Also used in Australian Capital Territory and some schools in Western Australia and Victoria.

  • South Australia
    6958 kB

    "Handwriting in the South Australian Curriculum". Also used by some schools in Western Australia.

  • New Zealand
    1258 kB

    "Teaching Handwriting".  New Zealand Ministry of Education.


Graphity! Free Resources & Information:

  • Coloured Dotted-Thirds GT_v2.1
    1304 kB

    Easy instructions for achieving custom and /or coloured dotted-thirds behind your letters in Microsoft Word (Mac and Windows). Useful for VIC, SA and TAS users who wish to have the exact dotted-thirds used in the syllabus documents for their State. Instructions apply to any application that supports text boxes. Updated for latest Word version (Mac and Windows). Note: the keystrokes described in this document will work only with fonts from Australian School Fonts.

  • Dotted-Thirds and Slope Lines GT_v2.0
    130 kB

    A guide to the keystrokes for the standard Dotted-Thirds as recommended by each State's handwriting syllabus as well as commonly found alternate Dotted-Thirds. This document also gives the keystrokes for the Slope Lines character in each of our fonts. Note: the keystrokes described in this document will work only with fonts from Australian School Fonts.

  • GT Australian & NZ School Handwriting Styles_v1.1
    481 kB

    Shows the six current handwriting styles taught in Australia and New Zealand schools and available from Australian School Fonts.

  • GT Australian School Fonts Info_v2.1
    763 kB

    Information about Australian School Fonts™, including samples of all the styles available for each of the six regional areas.

  • GT Custom Keyboard Layout Installation_v1.1
    106 kB

    Instructions for installing the Australian Aboriginal GT and Phonetic Latin GT custom keyboard layout software (Mac & Windows) for use with our Tight Text GT fonts and our Beginner Regular & Thick fonts.

  • GT Font Installation & Replacement_v1.7
    163 kB

    How to install your fonts on Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and Linux. Includes the essential steps to follow when upgrading to a new version of the same font which has the same name as the old version.

  • GT Lettershape Comparison_v4.0
    186 kB

    Document that allows easy cross-comparison of the basic lettershapes from each of the six regional areas.

  • GT Standard Licence Agreement_v4.0
    90 kB

    Standard Licence Agreement (EULA) applying to all items purchased from this website.

  • Installing Fonts in iOS/iPadOS using AnyFont app
    299 kB

    Instructions for using the third-party app AnyFont (available from the Apple app store to install fonts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. (Thanks to Maria McKenzie). See also

  • Licence Price List_Dec 2016
    309 kB

    The current price list for all of our Licences except for our Publishing and Web Licences which are quoted on application. Includes our current Site Licence fees and conditions. This document replaces and supercedes all earlier price lists.

    The above Graphity! resources are free but they are still strictly protected by copyright (© Graphity! 2001-2021). These files may not be redistributed by any means (eg download from a website) which imposes any financial barrier or actual cost on the recipient. If these files are made available free on or via another website then the original source must be explicitly acknowledged.


    Other Resources:

    The Writeboards website at uses our Australian School Fonts handwriting fonts exclusively to create their vast range of Worksheets and Templates – over 2100 different items are available for each State. Site Licences providing access to these resources are available for schools and professionals to purchase here. Click below to see and download samples of the Writeboards resources in each of the five Australian styles:

    5117 kB
  • QLD
    5084 kB
  • SA
    5101 kB
  • TAS
    5099 kB
    5123 kB

The Australian National Curriculum/The Future of Handwriting