• Created by a former school teacher, now one of Australia's leading type designers and digital font technicians.

  • Clean outlines and smooth joins no matter how much you enlarge the fonts (for example on an IWB). You can even change the slant angle and the joins will still be perfectly smooth!

  • Seven font packages are available, covering all regional Australasian styles: NSW/ACT, VIC/WA/NT, QLD, SA, TAS and NZ plus a package for the Yolngu/Anangu indigenous languages of NT and WA.

  • All lettershapes, slants, and joining rules etc comply precisely and fully with the latest official Education Department syllabus for each region. See Font Info.

  • Includes fonts for all writing levels from basic unjoined print to fully cursive script. Contains all lettershape variants and joining options that are specified in the syllabus for each region.

  • Can be used in a wide range of applications such as Microsoft Word & Publisher, Apple Pages, Apple TextEdit, Adobe InDesign & Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Sketch, Quark XPress and NisusWriter.* See Support.

  • The Beginner package contain fonts for all teaching stages: Beginner fonts with tracing Dots, Arrows (showing the starting point, the writing direction, the numbered sequence of hand-movements, pen-lifts and the finishing point), tracing Outlines (hollow channels), a Thick (bold) weight for headings or emphasis and Pre-cursive versions for previewing cursive exits and entries. The Cursive package contains a fully cursive font that links automatically – creating perfect joins as you type, at all levels from standard Modern Cursive to Speedloops.

  • Letters can easily be set to display with or without horizontal guide lines (four lines/three spaces, also called "dotted thirds"). There's no need to change fonts to get the lines – just turn them on or off!  Each font contains the particular type of dotted thirds specified in the syllabus for that region. Quickly and easily create whole pages of blank guide lines or slant lines, or both together.*

                                          Letters can easily be set to display with or without horizontal guide lines.

  • All fonts contain numbers and a full set of standard maths symbols in the same style as the letters.

    All fonts contain numbers and a full set of basic maths symbols.
    All Beginner Regular and Thick fonts as well as the Tight Text fonts contains properly designed subscripts, superscripts and vulgar fractions in the same style as the letters.

    Maths fractions (Beginner, Tight Text)

  • Create correct cursive joins for every letter combination without the need for any separate 'helper' application. Your text joins instantly and automatically in real time as you type.*

  • No minimum purchase. Buy just one single font if that's all you need.

  • All fonts are supplied in the latest, future-proof OpenType smart-font format. The same single font file (.otf) installs easily on both PC and Mac.The fonts can also be installed on computers using the Linux operating system.

  • FREE fast-response Technical Support by email or phone provided personally by the creator of the fonts – 7 days a week, including all public holidays.

  • Includes comprehensive User Manual+Quick Start Guide containing extensive teaching materials, detailed illustrations & documentation which is, in most cases, far better than the actual syllabus!

  • Pay just ONCE for your lifetime font licence. NO repeat annual licence fees!

  • Site licences (more than 1 User) available for schools. Web, Publishing and Home licences also available on application. 25% discount applies to Home licences (personal use only, maximum of 2 computers) – email us for your discount code. Offer excludes Complete Australasian School Fonts Bundle.

  • Secure, easy, instant payment using the PayPal checkout. If you have a PayPal account just log in and pay. The PayPal checkout also allows easy, secure payment using your credit card or debit card and you don’t need to have PayPal account for this method of payment. Payment by direct bank transfer or cheque is also available via our website.

  • Instant download for payments made by PayPal Account (Instant Bank Transfer), credit card or debit card. Get your fonts as soon as you pay for them. No waiting for your fonts to be emailed to you or for a disc to arrive in the mail!  Note: e-Cheque and Direct payments require funds to be cleared before download is made available.

  • Not only do all of our fonts comply exactly with the syllabus specifications but also, because they have been created by an experienced type designer, the fonts are of a very high quality aesthetically. We believe that the clean, uniform and neat appearance of our fonts is extremely important because it gives the students a worthy standard to aspire to when first learning to form the letters.

 Your cursive text joins instantly and automatically as you type!


*To fully display all of the fonts’ capabilities, your application must support all of the following OpenType features: Contextual Alternates,
Standard Ligatures and multiple, simultaneous Stylistic Sets. Some applications do not support all of the fonts' capabilities – see